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Retro Edwardian style shoes in * imitation leather * (green), with an old look box

- A shoe is about 2 cm (foot length).
- They are decorated with black metal buttons set on two thin flanges.
- I deliberately used them, as if they came from an old cabinet forgotten in an old house.

♥ 100 % Fabriqué en FRANCE ♥

Miniature Green Shoes, Fashion accessory, Doll House, Scale 1/12

    • This means that I don't use animal-based materials to create my miniatures, my miniature shoes are made with synthetic leather that looks like real leather (but that's not).
  • You can also see my original creations, initially created for different miniature houses, on my blog / site "Atelier de Léa", since 2004:

    • http://atelier-de-lea.fr
    • http://atelier-de-lea.blogspot.com
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