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Fauteuil en bois de style Louis XV, à l'échelle 1/12
— Il mesure 6,5 cm (longueur) x 9,5 cm (hauteur) x 6 cm (profondeur) ;
— Dossier, assise et accoudoirs sont recouverts avec un coton imprimé (toile de Jouy bleue sur fond blanc) ;
— Peinture:  Blanc cassé vieilli

— Il est assorti au sofa et à un autre fauteuil disponibles dans la catégorie « Mobilier 1/12 » :


Cette bergère apportera beaucoup de charme, de style et de délicatesse, dans un univers miniature Campagne chic à la Française.

Fauteuil Louis XV, Toile de Jouy Bleue, Mobilier de Maison de Poupée

  • Miniature wooden armchair, Cane imitation, Blue French Toile on White background, French Dollhouse, Dolls furniture, 1:12th scale

    Key for a typically French style interior in your dollhouse, inspired by the Parisian flea markets.

    Armchair in wood, the work of patina highlights many details very finely carved.

    - It measures 6 cm (length) 2.36'' x 9 (height) x 5,5 cm (depth) 3.54''
    - Painting: Off White aged to obtain a Shabby Chic style;
    - Backerest, seat and armrests are covered with a blue French toile (named "toile de Jouy", in French) on a white background, printed on cotton.

    - It can matche with the sofa and an other armchair available in the category"Furniture 1/12": https://www.atelier-miniature.com/mobilier?lang=en

    It is an essential element in the typical French atmosphere of a majestic castle or a beautiful country house.

    A touch of charm from FRANCE into your French style miniature house.

    ♥ Note that my workshop is smoke-free. ♥

    ♥♥♥ You also can see most of my creations on my Blog/Website, online since 2004 : http://atelier-de-lea.fr, http://atelier-de-lea.blogspot.com ♥♥♥

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