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This miniature sofa is in wood, the patina work highlights many details very finely carved.

- It measures 11.5 cm (length) 4.52 '' x 9 cm (height) 3.54 '' x 5.5 cm (depth) ;

- Painting: Gold covered with a patina that dulls and ages it;

- The backrest, the seat and the armrests are covered with a pattern of bouquets of roses on a green background, printed on a thin cotton.

It is an indispensable element in the typically French atmosphere of a majestic castle or a charming country house.

♥♥♥ You can also see my creations on my blog / site, since 2004:

Doll House, 1/12 Scale, Miniature Wooden Sofa, Doll Seat

169,90 €Price
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