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Wooden workshop glass door is worked to give it a Chic, aged and abandoned look.

Doll House Accessory, Scale 1/12

- It measures 6.7 cm (width) 2.63 '' x 15.7 cm (height) 6.18 ''

- Its window in Rhodoïd is worked in imitation cathedral glass (like the one that was found at the doors of the dish dressers of the 40s;

- His metal keys are rusty;

- Painting: vanilla yellow, aged.


For outside, a veranda, or a romantic winter garden ...


! Sold without accessories that decorate the ambiance!


♥♥♥ You can also see my creations on my blog / site, since 2004:

Workshop Door, Yellow Vanilla Shabby Chic, Glass Cathedral, Doll House

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